US National Drone Racing Championships at the California State Fair


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We are looking for the best of the best FPV pilots to race in the Inaugural US National Drone Racing Championships at the California State Fair. We are very excited to have you participate in the event and have designed the entire 3 days to be highly social through parties and racing. Below is a general outline of the event and the basic pilot information. We will be updating this section frequently so please subscribe to our news list on the right to be notified when we have updates for you.


Day 1 (OPTIONAL): Monday July 13: Practice

12pm~5pm: Come practice flying the official course with the exact flag/gate configuration that you’ll race in the big stadium on Thursday and Friday. This is the ideal time for you to practice in a casual setting, meet and greet old and new friends, and start building that finger muscle memory. We’ll have a small workshop and battery charging station on hand to keep you in the air. NOTE: Pilots are not required to attend this day, this is only for your convenience. Bring Sunscreen.

5pm: Opening reception, TBA

Day 2 (OPTIONAL): Tuesday July 14: Practice, Pre-qualifiers open

12pm~5pm: Practice field open, we’ll have the official course set up again for you to continue your practice. At this time you will be able to satisfy some of the pre-qualification requirements. NOTE: Pilots are not required to attend this day, this is only for your convenience. Bring Sunscreen.

5pm: Reception TBA

Day 3 (RECOMMENDED): Wednesday July 15, 2015: Practice & Check in

12pm: Practice field open, with near race-pace racing. More heats, faster paced, closer to the feeling of what “race-pace” means. The purpose of today is to get everything dialed in, tuned up and highly efficient. By the end of the day you should be very comfortable with the course, and confident that you’re going to kick some serious butt. You will have an opportunity to pass all your pre-qualifier requirements at this time so you can chill and have a fantastic time on Thursday when all the crowds come out to see you fly.

12pm: Sponsors and Vendors Check in and setup (Bonney Field, Cal State Fair)

4pm: Pre-Registration and Reception at the main Race Track Club House (Hosted by Multirotor Superstore)

DAY 4 (REQUIRED): Thursday July 16, 2015: Pre-Qualifications & Check in

10am: State Fair doors open, registration begins

Each pilot must go through a series of stations for safety briefing, qualification, verification and equipment check in. Each pilot will be assigned a space in the Pit area.

12pm: Time trials begin with racing heats. Each heat will last approximately 7 to 10 minutes. Once you have completed all stations, you may leave the event and check out the fair, or go to a local flight area to practice.

4pm: Pre-Qualifers close and pilots proceeding to the next day’s competition are announced.

4pm: VIP and Pilot Party (onsite, Sponsor to be announced)

DAY 5 (REQUIRED): Friday July 17 Racing for Finals & Championships and Game of Drones

10am: Pilot check in, last minute tuning, practice rounds

12pm: Competitions officially open, with heats running every 7 minutes.

12pm: Game of Drones Combat Fighting Cage

6pm: Finalists are announced, with racing commencing shortly after

8pm: Awards Ceremony

9pm: Welcome to the Pleasure Drone Night LED Drone Battle & Ballet Light Music Spectacular.

Pilot Registration: Registration opens MONDAY May 25, 2015 (We’re delayed slightly due to increased sponsor activities that are going to substantially up our fun. Thanks for your patience.)
How many pilots: 120 pilots, 80 lottery spaces
Entry Fee: $99 (includes 2 days of Racing, State Fair Entry for you and your spotter, swag, etc)
Total Prize Purse: USD$25,000 distributed over the various categories. Grand Prize is $10,000. There will be more prizes, trophies, awards, ribbons and swag than you can pack in your bag, so bring extras.
Official Rules: Will be posted when registration opens. They will be based upon current working versions from US and international Leagues (ASL, AerialGP, MultGP, etc) and the FAI/CIAM draft rules for sUAV competition. Are you part of a league that wants to help define our rulebook? Please reach out.
Course Designs: Posted when registration opens.
Important Dates
July 15, Check in and registration opens, Party with us compliments of the MultirotorSuperstore.
July 16, All day pre-qualifications and time trials. Each pilot must go through a series of stations for safety briefings, qualification, verification and equipment check in. Each pilot will be assigned a space in the Pit area. Once you have successfully completed all stations, you are free to visit the fair, go to our off-site flying grounds for practice, or just hang out.
July 17, All day head-to-head racing. All pilots who qualified for the finals will race during this day. It is imperative that you watch the Pilot leaderboard and scoreboards for all heat combinations. We will be running heats at 7 to 10 minute intervals, so if you are not ready and able to race at your designated time slot, you will be disqualified.
Racing Category General Information
We are racing in the newly defined “California Style” race format, which is a slightly smaller course designed to test both speed and agility skills. Currently we have 3 categories of racing. Course designs will be posted shortly.

California Speed Agility Course (Ladder style competition): Obstacle Course, featuring various obstacles, gates and flags. This course will offer under/over obstacles, funnel gates, hairpin turns, slalom, and Joker Lap opportunities.
Invitational FreeStyle Competition (please contact us if you would like to be extended an invitation. You must be able to prove an advanced level piloting proficiency with a reasonable amount of youtube videos and followers.)
Team Relay (Experimental) We are looking for teams for a relay style race. Invitational only.
General Rules (Draft)
All pilots must have a current AMA license. No we don’t want you to join a club, yes we want you to be covered under our umbrella insurance policy – it’s for our ease of mind. With 200,000 people in close proximity to the races, it is mandatory that we take all steps necessary to make the races safe and enjoyable. Get the 3 month one using the sponsor member number 1044328:
Register here:
All pilots have to attend a general safety briefing
All pilots must demonstrate effective Fail Safe procedures
All batteries must be transported and stored in LIPO-safe bags
Pilots must use FPV to pilot aircraft. This can be Goggles or a ground station display
Pilots are required to have an I-LapRC Race Timing System Transponder mounted on your airframe for all official lap counting purposes ( . You must purchase one of these prior to the races or at the event. You purchase your own, rent one from us, or purchase one when you pay for your Pilot Entry fees in to the competition.
Judging and Field Marshaling
All races will be governed by our judging committee
Each race will be monitored by cameras, timing/lap systems and field marshals to maintain fair and accurate competition.
The field Marshall has the executive decision
Any practice or behavior that deemed unsafe, (i.e. flying above the max ceiling) will result in an immediate disqualification.
Airframe General Guidelines
250 Class multirotor (4 or 6 motors)
Maximum Frame size under 330mm motor to motor
4S maximum LIPO battery
6″ Props Maximum
Video Transmitter 25mw, max 600mw (with HAM license), 5.8Ghz, access to dip switches with ability to change frequency easily. Please note we are actively working on this definition and will provide updates shortly.
Accommodation and Travel
All pilots are responsible for their own travel, accommodations and expenses
We will be announcing shortly the ‘official’ hotel for all of us to stay near each other. We are negotiating very reasonable rates
HomeStay: we are working with a couple of pilot groups in the Sacramento area that are graciously extending an invitation to traveling pilots to home stay. More information on this shortly.
Pilot Foundation

We have a very limited amount of funding that has been graciously donated by our sponsors to aid and assist pilots that are unable to attend due to various economic reasons. We can assist with race entry, travel and accommodation. If you are a student or would like to apply for financial assistance, please contact us. Please briefly describe your circumstances and provide any supporting links (i.e. youtube flight demo reels, etc).
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