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Video Encoder Help for Mac or PC - ASF Video File Format


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Hi Guys,

On Friday I finally received my new Chinese SD DVR which seems to be working well . . . BUT and yes its a big but (That doesn't sound right). The DVR Records in Microsoft's Ancient ASF file format. I need to re-encode this to a format the preferably the iPad will accept so I can edit the video footage in iMovie.

Any one have experience with a good video converter for this sort of application? I don't care if its for Mac or PC.



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Thanks Paul, I had a break through yesterday after a lot of Goggling the web and found a $5 app that did the conversion perfectly! Which means I can no easily capture all my footage from the FPV camera's on the Aircraft's that we have and edit directly on the iPad :)

So all is good and the ground station is super portable :D


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I never thought of Handbrake. I haven't used it for years!! Thanks for the tip. I'm happy with the app I'm using now which seems to do it all pretty painlessly. Will try it out soon in the real world :)

Paul I have to say I don't like the fact that I can't get rid of the date, but for now I can live it with. Its pretty low and doesn't really get in the way of anything. It also records NTSC and PAL which is great because most of our cameras are PAL with the exception of the MiniSkywalker which is using the FatShark Camera (NTSC).

I want to do some proper flight test videos and then I may do a review thingie on it. For now I'm pretty happy with the setup. Looks like I may have myself a really good portable ground station with a lot of flexibility.