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Voodoo 600 - Flying my new heli


Senior Member
smooth looking heli, maybe i'll own one some day if I come into some money.

I can't wait to see more of this heli (and your three dee)


Hey guys,

Thanks for the feedback!

Sadly my flying skills are a long way from being able to make thrilling videos - biggest problem: I have to keep it high I up, so that I feel comfortable. - You know what the Joshs say "A couple of mistakes high". :)

However the three dee rigid and the voodoo are really great helis and both can be seen flown by great pilots on youtube.
I also encourage you to go to any flight events in your area - I really love to see live flights by people who can really show what pilot and machine are capable of.

I'm a big fan of timo wendtland and his three dee rigid. (His flying was the reason I really got into bigger helis and bought the tdr).

btw, I started flying with HK Helis and I do still own two 450s, with which I am experimenting around. - Next step: self-made night-blades. :)