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Pumpkin drop event

Wanting to know about some rules about rc plane bomb drops

Ok let's see where to start..ok so me,my brothers and my friends have this sword game where we use home made stick swords, satellite dishes for shields and other weapons of that time period. Not long ago I found flite test on YouTube and I saw there awsome bomb drop Video. At that moment a thought came to mind. What if I could use that with nerf foam darts and drop them on my friends in the game? ..so here's my quiestion would it be frowned apon the FAA or AMA to do this?


Flugzeug Liebhaber
Here is the AMA's documentation:

(i) Not operate model aircraft carrying pyrotechnic devices that explode or burn, or any device which propels a projectile or drops any object that creates a
hazard to persons or property.

FAA says to do a safety risk assesmant per new SMS (saftey managmsnt system) rule that became official this year, if it's a UAS.


The FAA won't be involved as you're not commercial and under the umbrella of "hobby" model aviation.

If you're looking at dropping Nerf darts (or similar "soft" projectiles) you're biggest concern will be that of safety - and that you're planning to fly over people and/or structures - which would be a violation of the AMA safety code.

Is anyone really going to care? Probably not. It's even less likely anyone will come after you for doing it over private property with "willing combatants" - just don't put self-documented unsafe acts on YouTube for the rest of the world to say "see!, they're ALL evil and out to get us, shoot them ALL down!"

You can have a lot of fun dropping "bombs" onto a fixed target, or to friends who try to catch a Nerf Dart, parachute or other soft item after taking a couple steps away from the pilot, but myself, I'd shy away from using it in a game of warfare - there's too much going on to pay attention to the safe operation of the model, and too much that could go wrong in the heat of battle.

A lot of people don't understand their liability when operating model aircraft. Even if your "willing combatants" accept the risk of being under a flying aircraft - what happens (who pays the bill) should something happen and someone get hurt by the plane?