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Wayne who?


FTafterhours podcast host
For those of you who don't believe Wayne exist I have proof. Yes this is THE Wayne from flitetest. He has deep passion for anything that flys and is a mad sailplane flyer. We got an unusual great day here in Ohio with temps close to 60 and winds out of the south. Off to the "farm" as its called for some slope flying. After dodging between 10-15 bulls it was an epic day. Never having to flick on the motors of our radians and specing out several times the old neck and eyes were wearing down. Little did I realize we have been in the air for over 1.5 hours. I gave in, forced the radian to the ground which was way harder than expected then caught some pics of the infamous flitetest Wayne still smiling and still flying. That my friends is why he is the " insert sarcasm " mad sailplane pilot.