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Weak Signals Model Expo 02


Staff member

Once again Josh and Josh talk to us from the Weak Signals Model Expo in Toledo Ohio. After a brief explanation of just what an Expo is, Josh Bixler makes it clear, there's no soft sticks here. This episode they meet Jim Bourke, and to call him the founder of RCGroups, while accurate, would be a gross understatement of this man's many endeavors. During this interview, Josh Scott confesses he enjoys <br> vomiting. From there they meet up with Roland of EOT Models. He shows off his foam Rare Bear, and Josh Bixler lets slip that this plane will be in an upcoming review. Finally the guys talk to Bobby Watts, RC helicopter pilot, and videographer of really big fish. Big fish, with big teeth, and he's got the tale to tell. Tune in for this episode, and more, as the guys continue to bring you coverage from the Toledo Model Expo.