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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro FPV


Epoxi Flyer
Just found this video, it shows part of Rio; the way from the airport (suburbs) throught a long tunnel under "Christ Redeemer" mountain (!!!!) and reaching the pleasant neighborhood of Lagoa (lagoon), Ipanema and Leblon.

Can you figure out how many laws this guy broke ? nevertheless super cool vid !



Epoxi Flyer
What kind of FPV frequency and power do you need to operate under a mountain miles away?

thurmond; i think he was in the passenger seat of the car: driver launched; he circles around so the driver can start the car then follows closely behind the plane. When he reaches the other side of the tunnel he repeats the process: fly above the car until he reaches the beach, circles around so he can park the car and land/grab it ....


More combat please...
Only guessing- but my guess is this was done cross country with a chase vehicle and that range was never a serious issue...

How many laws? Who knows, I don't have any idea what's legal or illegal in Rio :)


Epoxi Flyer
we have pretty serious laws, but poor law enforcement :D

[sarcasm]if you didnt put that smiley face on your comment i would have been offended :p[/sarcasm]