What are you windy day fliers?


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The weather here has been very poor for over a week with a cyclone and associated low pressure systems all around my area. Today was finally clear so I took off to the field and met a number of club members all sitting in their chairs because they complained that it was too windy!

It was blowing a bit but then I always take my windy day fliers with me and so I had a semi captive audience to my flying in the windy and turbulent air.

WHAT planes do you fly when even the birds won't fly?

Here are my 2 favorites!

The Flying WIng

The 800mm KFM wing.
Top View.JPG

Both minimalist and fun to fly

Have fun!


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Yah, those two will do, you can't go wrong as they will fly when few other will not. Fly happy


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Goblins work good. The Mini Arrow works too (I like to carry a little weight though). FT Mustang does well also.


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When its too windy to fly planes I take my tiny FT Gremlin quad out.

It handles 20 mph gusts easily and is happy in steady 10mph winds



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When the winds pick up, I also reach for my flying wings. And my Das Little Stick. That thing handles wind surprisingly well. :D


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My wings or my simple soarer. I like the glider because if you're good you can fly for quite a while power off in windy conditions.


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I'll second the Das Little Stick. And I'll fly my Durafly Tundra in windier conditions than most of my planes.

What will not fly in windy conditions is the mini corsair and radicalrc mini stick.


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My 2 favorites for those windy days are:

HobbyKing Cub:

500 size AH-6 Little Bird

Both flew happily in 35 mph winds at Flite Fest TX, and both love hovering in those winds :D.


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Lots of wind here in SK too, we almost won the bid for a wind farm in my area this year.

I'll fly my big mapping UAV in almost anything, Bormatec Maja with a pair of 8000mAH 3s, it has the weight, capacity and top speed to punch through the wind for an hour and a Pixhawk controller to stabilize the gusts. An expensive airframe that I was lucky to find on consignment at a local shop.

For fun I liked to fly a little hotliner glider, the FMS Fox 800mm. It cut the wind well enough to soar on the slopes with the motor for backup. Unfortunately the tiny motor failed this winter and it looks like it's time to park it.

Planning a wing as my next FT build, I've always wanted one.


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I'm pretty comfortable with most airplanes in my fleet up to 20-25 mph (excluding micros) anything above that and I move up to the bigger stuff. My Mamba 10e is a great windy day flyer with the Aura AFCS in it and apart form the speed you can barely feel the wind.


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My Bloody Wonder on 2200 3s or my modified swappable pusher versa on a 2200 3s. Wings seem to not mind the wind much at all. Being from southwest KS, I have to deal with wind all the time or I wouldn't be able to fly much at all.