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what happened to the nice page with pictures of downloadable plans all in one easy to find spot?

Hi guys n gals.. might just be me i don't know. But navagation here is getting harder to do. You used to have a nice page of pictures of planes with the downloadable plan link right there. where did it go? Is it me or is it gone and now we have to scratch our heads to find a plan? thanks I love you guys. wish I could afford to attend a flightfest but limited budgets on disability make entry fees impossible. Best of all to you however... thanks again


Elite member
What plan did you want? I find Google is pretty fast if you put in “Flite Test Plane X Plans.”
On the forums there are indexes for some community generated twists or planes not on the main FT site.
Also links to all the plans are in the store listing for each plane as well.