What Mighty Mini should i build?


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I tried the Dr1 before and it flies pretty good but its aerobatics a really limited with only being 3ch. I just watched top gun maverick so i thought about a jet. The mini sportster would be cool too.


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I have already started a mini master series spitfire by Grifflyer, guess i should have updated everyone on this thread. I would like to try a fpv arrow sometime but i never tried fpv so i want practice on a scout first.


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I just watched top gun maverick so i thought about a jet.

I was going to suggest a mini Viggen, but I don't see it on the store. Someone must've just printed out the normal viggen plans at 60% and worked from there.

Of course, there are the mini Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and FT-22 if you fancy trying a prop-in-slot.


Looking for a fun, aerobatic, good looking mini. Any suggestions or just your favorite mighty minis let me know!
My son has a Carbon Cub but still considers the Tiny Trainer with F engine his favorite. Great Loops and Rolls. And it's what we use to train beginners using a Safe receiver. As for "coolness" he painted his red and calls it "Flammable".