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Who wants to get a degree in FPV for the 2015 FAA approved FPV commercial application



I hope there is a clear distinction between a piloted drone and recreational rc aircraft. I'd hate to have to have a license and degree to fly a FPV Bixler.


Elemental Madness
that's pretty funny. I just got a letter from some university in Colorado that does drone piloting degrees. It is only a two year degree, so I'm sure that 6 years in Aerospace engineering will fill in most of the requirements.
He went to KTI? I WENT TO KTI!! Ok, to be more succinct in 1983 I received an Associates degree in Aeronautical Engineering Technology at Kansas Technical Institute now better known as Kansas State University School of Technology in Salina, it's where the Aero students go and I'm assuming this guy. Basically KSU bought my college and made me a wildcat by proxy. I just can't figure 60,000 grand and 4 years to learn how to pilot drones. I also wouldn't spend that kind of money to make 6 figures by being transferred into a warzone where at any moment you can have your 'native' liason go all komehny on your butt and the next thing you know you've got a long meeting with a very dull kitchen knife. We all remember the Bird video don't we?

I'm oversimplifying, I imagine he got a pretty intensive business degree with drone flying, maintaining and regulations classes as alternatives if not a minor, bout the only way I can see hitting 60,000 grand worth. Maybe that's out of state. If only he was illegal he could have gotten instate rates, something that passed in Kansas.

All that and the sour grapes of greed aside, there is going to be a bunch of RPV's out there. I guess they're just trying to justify a higher price for them. And I do wonder how long before the FAA will be requiring us hobbyists to toe the line to play in THEIR airspace.

Man, a fellow wildcat, awesome. Hope he gets home safe. Man, three years older than I am when he went and indebted himself 60,000 grand. I'm too busy go under paying for my children's college education.