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Why no good flight log app?

Existing app are more for full scale pilots. Anyone up for an app please? or a recommendation with one that's good out there? what do you think is good in a flight log app?

i think it should have at least:

- type of craft
- act as an inventory app for reference so it's up to date, i know we do not have one or 2 crafts haha
- cloud backup possible or just use email as backup
- auto find gps location
- integrate flytrex?
- integrate other apps
I ran across a few apps just Google searching for "RC Logbook" looking for a paper version.
I haven't tried any of them though. I prefer the old pen and paper.
Thread on my paper version here if anyone is interested: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?16992-RC-Logbook
that's excellent and should serve as a base for a flight log app.

i like the idea of an app as we usually have our smart phones with us and GPS is built in.

I just tried flytrex for the first time and it's excellent and fun to use. The app should allow me to see my passed flights that are logged and max speed/ altitude etc and logged by which quad.

Badges are good to see and i really like that the Speed, Temp, Altitude is plotted to a nice graph! I could be a bit bias now that i've tasted flytrex but having something to based on and hopefully, some API that'll be opened up for developers will be great!

Handwriting in those may not be as accurate. Manual plotting GPS coordinates could be a nightmare and we usually stand at one place and fly. Not following the quad around.

I'm hoping that the flytrex app can be further developed,

- instead of simply working for "Live" flights, it does nothing for passed flights.
- Have offline flight information displayed as well.
- Unlike hardcopy, online version allow backing up, sharing for those who want to
- A photo section? Snap when it's safe to, a photo of that particular flight
- Link to videos on youtube of that flight within the app, that'll be cool.
- Maintain all privacy settings of the web version on the app version. Make any flight private when needed.

David fly P.E.I.

pilot with the flight bug
Should have it with a built in stop watch so you set up all the conditions and stuff and press start and you start flying then when your done you press stop and it auto saves it.