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X29 Review (Prop version)


I built the prop version of the X29. The build was fun and the video was easy to follow. Good job Andres! This is definitely not a beginner plane nor is it a beginner build. I can only attest to the characteristics of the prop version. It's extremely fun to fly but it has several flaws. Also, please note that my experience was at 6,500 elevation since I live in Colorado.
Racestar BR2830 motor with a 10x5 prop (expected thrust 1300grams)
Battery Melasta 4s 2200mAH 50c weight of 200grams
ESC Predator 40A

Fast flying
Looks great flying
Fast roll rate
Impossible to tip stall

Can not be hand launched from a flat surface (At 6500 feet atleast). Hand launching causes a dip of about 10feet before it gains speed. Had to be thrown off a hill.
The wing joints are extremely weak. Any landings that are not in tall grass result in separation of the wings.
Prop and motor are prone to prop strikes. Required repairing the motor mount several times.
Heavier for a standard plane. Weighs it at a 1.1kg after balancing weights added (naturally tail heavy).

I would not recommend this plane at high elevations. It is too heavy to hand launch from a flat surface and have a successful flight.

Things I would consider:
Landing gear to prevent wing damage, easier take offs.
EDF for lower elevations