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Mid7night submitted a new resource:

XF YELLOW JACKET! - Very fast, very fun, very BUILD ONE ALREADY!

Here it is, in all its slender sleekness: The Yellow Jacket!

Designed as a successor to the "Angry Bee" and "Turbo Bee" experiments, in the vein of the FT Super Bee: It's a twin-motor ROCKETSHIP!

This is the basic power setup, and you can choose to fly on anything from a 3S to 6S, depending on what your nerves and thumbs can bear!

Motor: 2 x FT Radial 2207-2400Kv
Prop: 4" diameter MAX - choose blade count and pitch according to your battery voltage
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just got my frame built, looks awesome! gonna run it with 2205 2300kv 5050 biblades on 4s(and i have a 5s too lol). Should be a ripper. plan on fpving it. I didn't put the spar in, didn't really study the pictures so i ended up just doing a double bevel fir the LE. i have some room where the wings join the fuselage. i will slide one in there. I dont know much about aerodynamics so im just curious, would a wing that was angled back light a delta wing on top be a faster design? like with 2 2205's isnt enough lol, but just for the knowledge.


At this scale a swept wing won't be inherently faster, if it has the same absolute span. That is if you *lengthen* it slightly as you sweep it so the actual span is unchanged. If you sweep back the wings *as is*, then the actually final span will be shorter, which reduces the wing area and reduces drag, which *increases* the wing LOADING....which will necessitate more speed to keep it flying. i.e. Faster, but not solely because the wings were swept; it'll be faster because it has higher wing loading.