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Young pilots of Portland! -- APPLICANTS NEEDED

Me and my friend want to create a young RC pilot group for the Beaverton/Hillsboro area of Portland Oregon. This isnt an official club yet, we only want to survey the forums for anyone that would be interested in joining a young pilot club.

The only requirement is the age range. Before i continue i just want to say that we arent meaning to be exclusive by any means. We simply want to have a club consisting of people of the same age group. That being said our suggested age group is 10-18 years old. If you have any reccomendations on how we can be more inclusive, please let us know.

If you are interested, join our discord server (or suggest your preferred form of group communication) at https://discord.gg/jEAvQtr.
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Hey Oske,

Great idea and I understand about the age range, me being in it :cool:

Just please don't cross post, you don't need 4 threads in caps to get your idea across.

Good luck!


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What Userofmuchtape&glue said about crossposting...

Plus: It helps to give a more descriptive title to spark interest with the right people: "Applicants needed for young pilot club in Portland Oregon".

Otherwise I'd just skip the thread because I don't care about someone looking for applicants. ;)