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Youtube music?


Elemental Madness
I want to add music to my videos and intro and stuff. Can I use music legally if I say it isn't mine or I give credit?
Thanks guys,


Old age member
NO - Youtube will recognize it if the music is "protected".
They can strip your video from all sound if the music is new.
They can warn you, letting you use the music but add some ads....
Try to use old or free music. Also using just short parts might help.
Mixing background music with speak and natural sounds might help.
About 90 percent of our videos are with protected music. We had no problems so far. If they send you an email saying: did you used music A you should confirm that you used music A. Maybe some people in countries wont be able to see the video because of the copyrighted music. We had one video that was blocked in America and some other videos which where blocked in the solomon islands (who cares). They will show adds on your vids sometimes.


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'Raise a glass to the night, let all the tension out, you've been wound up so tight'

Very appropriate with those shaky moments in the direction of Macarthur!


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Yeah, just posted the link to the video in another thread on here. I felt I was going to measure the world by the mark that I made in someone's roof...

Bring on FrSky and RSSI on the OSD...