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I agree with Waffleman. If you've got shelves of flying things from old episodes, those would go over with almost anyone who is a Flite Test fan. I also agree with those who think that flying with you guys would be a sweet thing to win. A giveaway with each release of the item being released would be cool, as would going back to the old school challenges where you each competed for someone.

As for a method, lots of good ideas here already, and you should go with most of them. Different avenues will attract a larger audience. Also, one place I worked did a "Secret Reward" system, where we could nominate other employees who went above and beyond and they would be recognized by administration.

See you at FFE'17!


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Stefan: Regardless of how you structure your giveaways, please send something to JimCR120 and PsyBorg for their continued help with forum members. Both consistently go over and above trying to help forum members. I've ran forums for years and know firsthand that folks like this are vital to its existence and should be acknowledged. :)
I just listened to the 163 podcast and couldn't agree more. We have amazing members here that are so helpful.


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I think you should take some of those old unused planes from previous episodes you once showed in the loft at the FT headquarters, load them up on a truck, and auction them off for a charity at Flite Fest East.

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I have no problem with giving away a 'T-shirt' of appropriate size, something that is new (not a FF shirt, no fun if you aren't there). I know it sounds cheap BUT, it is wa worthwhile prize, or maybe a second or third prize?

+1 for no interest in Facebook, anything...

I like the idea of FT Bucks. You could shoot someone an FT Buck or 5 if they are doing a great job contributing to the community. Helpful posts could even earn like FT0.25 as a thank you and motivate more posts, and eventually a purchase. Many scratch builders may be motivated to try an FT build kit if they have 5 Ft bucks in their pocket..
I'd like to see a decal/sticker sheet from Flite test! With all the humour, and epic "Crash Zen" that Flite Test is known and loved for!!! Also, the opportunity to spend a few hours flying/crashing with some of you would be epic as well!!! Either or both would be a heck of a give away in my opinion!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!!


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The Gremmy Awards

I just listened to the 163 podcast and couldn't agree more. We have amazing members here that are so helpful.
Create an award named "The Gremmy" and give out FT Gremlin statues (Gremmies) to outstanding forum members.
Best winter giveaway idea!

Hello Flite test co.,

I know I may be two months late for a response but you know what I would really like for a give away?

Getting a flite test "ugly sweater"!

Who hasn't been building planes in their basement or garage where the temperatures are just so cold! Why not fix the temperature issue and get into the plane building spirit with a flite test sweater!!!
I hope you read this and I can't wait to see everyone at #flitefesteast17.