50mm Ripper

Plane 50mm Ripper V1

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Howdy all. This design has been a long time in the making. My goal was to make a really easy to build jet, that performed well too. This jet does just that. It launches really easy, and tracks straight as an arrow. It will do all your standard aerobatics with ease, while being able to fly decently as a first EDF! A few things to note, the EDF mounts glue to the sides of the fuse, and the fan unit glues into those. There is a couple small green tick marks on the wings, and thats where your servos will sit. And there are grooves in the booms for BBQ skewers. Other than that, its a simple build and I hope you all enjoy it! Thank you @BATTLEAXE for beta building this airframe, and for naming it!
Here is his maiden video:
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