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Heinkel P.1079 EZ Pack or Chuck Glider

Plane Heinkel P.1079 EZ Pack or Chuck Glider 2

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The Heinkel P.1079 was one of the many German experimental turbojet aircraft during WWII. This one, though is unique, as it is a V tail, slim fighter, designed to overcome the me262 in performance by a lot.

This is a very simple build, just know that on the lien in the middle of the wing, add a little bit of dihedral, like 5 degrees, and bend the V tail into a 60-45 degree angle. other than that it is a simple build, and instructions are nto necessary. if you have any questions, ask them in the thread.
For anyone interested, the CG is not marked, but is 2.5inches from the front of the leading edge

This is what it looks like as a chuck glider
Here is the thread to ask questions on: FlyerInStyle's P.1079 chuck/ez pack glider | FliteTest Forum
the resource thread is less comfortable
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Haven't built yet, but looks nice and is pre-tiled (unlike my resources lol)
go ahead and build it. feedback would be nice
nice little plane