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mighty mini hawker hurricane

Plane mighty mini hawker hurricane 2019-11-28

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Hawker hurricane

Designed by: Jeremy wanner
Plans by: Jeremy wanner

this plane is a fun little plane to fly and goes great with the mini mustang and corsair. it is a good plane for the intermediate flyer. it can perform your everyday earobatics and it will run on the power pack f. please share your builds
wingspan : 28inches
Power pack : f
Battery : 850 (minimum)
Channels : 4 or 3
mach1 rc
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

Latest reviews

Awesome plans, you saved a lot of space. The mighty mini warbirds are taking over!
Do you have any flight footage?
mach1 rc
mach1 rc
Thanks!!😃😃 sorry I don't have videos when I was flying it i didn't know how to post videos so all i have is pics😕
Great plane!!
mach1 rc
mach1 rc