1. C

    For Sale- 1.2/1.3 ghz gear (transmitter, receiver, and an assortment of antennas)

    I purchased this 1.3 gear in hopes of doing more with it. I now fly my 250 racer as a primary and cant use this gear. All has only been used a couple flights and no crashes, all in working order and great condition. All purchased from ReadyMadeRC. Shipping is included and will be willing to part...
  2. Flak Bait

    FPV Maiden "Nailed It"

    Who doesn't love the smell of hot glue and foam board in the morning?!! I've been flying RC for some time now, well since rubber band escapements were the new thing. Anyway, I decided that FPV would be the next thing to try. Well, FPV she's an unforgiving lassie with a steep learning curve...