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FPV Maiden "Nailed It"

Flak Bait

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Who doesn't love the smell of hot glue and foam board in the morning?!!

I've been flying RC for some time now, well since rubber band escapements were the new thing. Anyway, I decided that FPV would be the next thing to try. Well, FPV she's an unforgiving lassie with a steep learning curve. I think I've watched every IBCrazy video/tutorial, all of Ed's Armin wing video's and everything Swedish or FliteTest related (just ask the bandwidth hall monitors here at work). If there is one thing I've learned it's that packing tape and foam board can take one heck of a beating. Don't be afraid to keep chucking things into the air.

armin wing scratch built
futaba 2.4 rc
rmrc 1.2vtx/rcv
hobbyking misc rc electronics
Fatshark 922 Base
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