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2019 fantasy aircraft design & build challenge

  1. ThreePistons

    FTFC19 Colonial Viper mkII, designed by ThreePistons

    After a year and a half of scratch building dtfb planes, it's time for me to finally try to design my own! And am I going to build an easy plane like a Cessna or top-wing trainer? No, of course not. For my first original design I'll be attempting to recreate the mkII Colonial Viper from...
  2. Aviator08

    2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge. X-Wing fighter

    So this will make a good reason to revisit the X-wing. Earlier attempt wasn't very successful , but that was largely do to the pusher prop being chewed up before it could even get off the ground. ( that's my story and I'm sticking to it ) I think this time i will start with a small park flier...
  3. JTarmstr

    2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge! CoD Infinite Warfare Jackal Space fighter

    Hey guys. this is my entry for the fantasy aircraft design challenge. The Jackal was a air/space superiority fighter in the Call of Duty Infinite warfare universe. Developed by India's space program. The Jackal became the primary fighter for SATO. Capable of combat in space and atmosphere, and...
  4. FoamyDM

    Love a first sight - Anime X1 fighter

    I like to look a anime planes for design inspirations as I try to dream up new things to build from foam. I think I like the "will it float" style challenges for airplanes. Ali poked around here and found something on devion2112's page. He had a build photo or two and a posting of the plan in...