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I like to look a anime planes for design inspirations as I try to dream up new things to build from foam. I think I like the "will it float" style challenges for airplanes. Ali poked around here and found something on devion2112's page. He had a build photo or two and a posting of the plan in his album. I love the look of it. I don't know if it will fly, where it's from or what. I dropped it into CAD. Drew up a one sheet wonder plan for an power pack A setup.

The goal is quick easy and cheap. As most of the work was already done for me in the plan side, the rest was a couple hours cutting and glueing. I should have the guts installed and ready for flight.
image.jpg image.jpg

The next contest is "Can FoamyDM fly it?" Should be fun. Stay tuned

And thanks Devion2112.

Here are some pics to make it look pretty


Attached please find the Plans here(clickable link:
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I'm thinking you'll need to add canards to make it stable in-flight.
You could make them from transparent plastic though so they are essentially invisible from a short distance.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
You may be very Quite possible about the cannards.Thank you for the suggestions to make them invisible. I'm hoping it'll fly like a mini arrow. OK, maybe not as well as one, but at least controllable in that fashion.

I'm calling this the AF-X1 [(A)nime (F)ighter, X for it's unknown origin, and (1) for first try]


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Yup that's It. Never really was involved in it much. It explains why it wasn't coming up in anime... Starfox.

Well I put together plans for it. If anyone wants to give this a go too.

click here for the link

Let me know what you think as this is my first plan set officially

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AF-X1 (AKA-Starfox) RTF

I'm amazed at how fast a plan/plane comes together, Even with Holiday events interjecting themselves. (the cookies don't make themselves of course.)

I have updated pictures here showing the craft, hooked up and ready to fly:

I am controlling it using a Versa Wing setup. I shoule be able to maiden this on Friday. (my videographer is off school):)

Note to Self: Taping Post-construction is WAY more time consuming.


Building Fool-Flying Noob

Maidened it on Friday... my CG Estimates were... off.:black_eyed: It was too far back. I had three attempted launches. First flipped over backward. The crash had bent the lower left vertical stabilizer. I thought, maybe the thrust angle. Second, fixed the vert. stab. adjust the angle. Throttled up, released. It did it again. Hmmm. CG must be off. I moved the battery up so the balance was at the front of the wing tips, returned the motor angle. Power up. Release. Better. Wobbled/Flew about 15-20 ft. then crash. This time the wings are weakend and wobbly too. Vertical stabilizers busted again, Battery's loose, and as I shift the thrust angle on the mount - pop. The Aluminum sheet metal snaped. I guess that's that. If the video is usable, I'll post it. I remember reviewing the day's footage and found it mostly N.G.

Design/Build Adjustments:
  • Double up wing thickness
  • Even out wing tips with Stabilizer and short fuselage end to put prop, just inside.
  • Add spars in build, not as an afterthought (as with this one).
  • Move servos in to ease reciever connections.
  • Add Tape PRE-construction.
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Aha! Found the build thread! :D

I've updated the challenge post so I can keep track of this one too :sneaky:


Building Fool-Flying Noob
@ Rockyboy - GREAT!

I noticed that I have about 6 different designs that need some level of Cutting and building (some of the most rewarding aspect IMHO), but boy it would be nice to have a laser cutter to have this easier. as these are new concepts mostly or re-builds to include improvements, I would love to just FFW to the build portion, so I can test it!

FTFC19 Fantasy Challenge: LPL Flying Submarine, VF-9 Robotech, AF-X1 (starfox), Logan X-stream 6, Heaven's Spade Carrier.
More Traditional: The 10" Kingfisher, IAR-99, the Box wing Synergy, the (in honor of a friend). The Flying Flapjack started last Build-ruary.
Purchased : I have a Lippisch P.15 I need to setup in the transmitter, and A10- 30mm Edf to build, Reptile (800mm?, grey one) I need to setup. The four FT-Kits, the Kalinin-K-12, and

I've made my free-time stupid busy. o_O:) :coffee:


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Uncle!... point me the way oh wise one.

Found it. Ooooh, sexy... I have to modify my plans... if only a bit. maybe an auto-feed, cam locking mechanism, and a servo


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I bailed on the rebuild and decided after inspection of the original, that this has a number of crashes in it still - prior to a rebuild. I suspect the CG is my main issue. I re-balanced it. Hurled it. After wiggling a nickel (5g) weight around on the nose I found a balance with a yard crossing toss.
I put a mini motor on (1408) and loaded it with a 800 mAh 2 cell and now I'm ready to fail again. (I hope I'm wrong.)
Here's some photos of the CG marks and setup. (inner ones apply)
CG spot.PNG

Here is the motor mount:
Motor Mount.PNG

This is the successful wing reflex:

the weather is supposed to be great for many days. until Sunday, So I better get testing and building!


Building Fool-Flying Noob
If you'll note, between the first build photos and the rebuilt cg pics and vid I have heavily reinforced the bridge section between fuse and wing
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Updated the 1st post to be more "New visitor"-Friendly. to include plans and the finish pics.
If the rain in SE NC region would end, (it's been Seatle-like lately, At least outside of work hours.)