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3d printed airplane

  1. chaos23

    3D resin printed Draco RC 2500mm

    Hey all, its been a while since i posted here in good ol' FT Forum. Well I am back with a new and exciting project, with a brand new Peopoly Phenom on my soon to purchase list ( just waiting on the funds/$tsla stock). I have begun work on my latest project over on my YouTube channel. (insert...
  2. A

    3D printed airplane "Cephei-73"

    Hi everyone! My name is Andrew Zakrevskiy and I`m an aviation engineer from Ukraine. Couple months ago I made my one 3d printer, so I`ve decided to make 3d printed airplane. First of all, because it is fun;) Now, when the work is done and the plane is already printed, I want to hear your...