1. Spitfire76

    Spitfire76's Build Log of Eclipson's Model B XL

    I've built and flown several 3dprinted planes from Eclipson including their original Model B but this one interested me as it was much larger with its wingspan of 1500mm/60in compared to the original model B of 1150mm/45in. Larger planes are easier to see and I understand actually easier to...
  2. A

    Hello! I 3D-Print planes

    Hello! I am new in this forum and I am down for any discussion about 3D-Printed RC Planes. Here is a new design of mine! Feel free to build it and fly it. Download here: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/rc-plane-falkonsen-1 Video here: Thank you, Adam
  3. Craycle Hobby

    Our New Free Model Ranger V2!

    Ranger V2 is now our newest 3D printed RC trainer plane. With this model, we aim to reach people who have just started making 3D Printed Model Airplanes and who already have a 3D printer. You don't need to have model airplane building experience. By following the simple instructions in the PDF...
  4. Dean is the name

    Part Me-262 50mm Muzzle Break 1/12 Scale 1.0

    1/12 scale muzzle break for the 50mm tank destroyer variant of the Me-262. Muzzle break is designed to fit a 5 / 5.5 mm barrel (I used a metal straw for my barrel) but can be modified to other scales quite easily. I recommend you print this file in high quality as the holes are quit small and...
  5. Craycle Hobby

    New 3D Printed Racer Model - Craycle Crow

    We have a new 3D Printed model which is DJI Compatible 750mm FPV Racer. Developed for Real Racing Experience. Camera is transmitting the view from the pilot's eye and it's also very securely protected. It can be a long Range FPV with big loading space (Up to 2200 mah 6S Lipo) and it has 200...