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New 3D Printed Racer Model - Craycle Crow

We have a new 3D Printed model which is DJI Compatible 750mm FPV Racer. Developed for Real Racing Experience. Camera is transmitting the view from the pilot's eye and it's also very securely protected. It can be a long Range FPV with big loading space (Up to 2200 mah 6S Lipo) and it has 200 grams total printing weight using normal PLA.

Instagram to be updated: https://www.instagram.com/craycle/

Beta Version is available now! More details in the product page: https://craycle.com/.../crow-750-mm-...-plane-stl.../

Join our Telegram Group to discuss the Beta Version and see examples. https://t.me/+nVjuUotcamw4ZDY0


Can I print it with cura completely in Vase mode?
Possible to Print it with LW PLA?
Can I fit an Matek F4 Wing in the FC Zone? And with the Hight of sticked JST Plugs?
Is Space for 21700, 4S1P LiIon Pack ?
Is it so constructed so It can Print with less Stringing with LW PLA?