Spitfire76's Build Log of Eclipson's Model B XL


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I've built and flown several 3dprinted planes from Eclipson including their original Model B but this one interested me as it was much larger with its wingspan of 1500mm/60in compared to the original model B of 1150mm/45in. Larger planes are easier to see and I understand actually easier to fly.

I've also entered this build to the FTFC24: Buildruary Build-off Challenge along with several other 3d printed planes.

Fortunately the rules allow the parts to be printed prior to the beginning of the challenge (February 1) as printing 3d printed planes can take a really long time especially when they are this large. This is what I am using for printing the parts:

Printer: Bambu Lab P1P
Slicer: Bambu Studio
  • 3dlabprint Polylight 1.0 Cub yellow LW-PLA
  • ColorFabb Verioshore LW-TPU (for tires)
  • Bambu Lab PLA Matte White (for non LW parts)
  • Bambu Lab TPU 95A HF Black (for hinges)
  • Hatchbox PETG Orange (for motor mount)
I am not going to build it with floats, they maybe added later after I learn to take off and land on water.

ProposedHave it?Used
MotorSunnysky 2814 1250kvYFT-2814-1100kv (from crashed Scout XL)
PropGemfam 8x6YGenfam 9x6
ESCAerostart 50AYFT-40A
Servos x 6Micro 9g MG90YEMAX ES08MA II 12G Mini Metal Gear Analog
Radio7 channelsYRadiomaster ELRS
Battery4s 2000mAhNOnly have 3s 2200mAh
GyroNoneto orderAura 5 Lite
Wire for control rods1.2mmYK&S 502 0.047in (1,19mm)
Wire for LG1 x 3mmYK&S 507 0.125in (3.18mm)
CF Tubing 8mm1 x 500mmY1m long
CF Tubing 6mm2 x 500mmY1m long
Screws40 x M2x8mmYM2 x 8 mm pan head/washer head self tapping
Bolts, nuts & washers2 x M3x30YM3x30
Bolts, nuts & washers4 x M3x15YM3x16
Linkage stopperson order1.3mm Hobbypark
Wheel collettson orderHabbypark 1/8
VelcroYFurry on battery)
CA Glue & Accel.YBob Smith (Medium CA)
Rubber bandY
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Some assembly required but won't start until February 1st!

Total print time = 86 hours and 11 mins


Notes on Printing

Since I am using a Bambu Lab P1P to print this model I could not use the supplied g-code files which have been generated using the Cura slicer for an Ender 3 printer so needed to create my own profiles in Bambu Studio.

Bambu Lab have their own version of LW-PLA called PLA Aero and provide instructions on using it to print RC model planes including a link to 2 profiles, one for printing in spiral vase mode and one for non-spiral vase mode. These 3mf files can be loaded in Bambu Studio and provide, printer, filament and process settings as well as a example wing part.

Unlike previous Eclipson models most of the parts of the Model B XL have been designed to be printed in Spiral vase * mode so I loaded that 3mf file into Bambu Studio. I first had to change the printer from a X1C to a P1P and transfer the settings. I then "saved as" a new project.

* https://wiki.bambulab.com/en/software/bambu-studio/spiral-vase

As I am using 3dlabprint's PolyLight 1.0 I figured that I should use their recommended filament settings

Made the changes where needed to the PLA Aero where there was a difference (see PDF below) and saved it as a new user preset called "3DLabPrint Polylight 1.0 @BBL P1P"

In the global process settings I made some changes to reflect what is specified in the table on the drawing for the B2-LW category.
  • Layer height from 0.2 to 0.25mm
  • Bottom shell layers from 0 to 4
  • Brim type from auto to No-Brim although I found a few parts do need an outer-brim.
Saved this to a new user preset called "0.25mm Eclipson B2-LW @BBL P1P"

I deleted the example wing section from the plate and imported the Model B XL Wing_C.stl file, sliced it and printed it.
Subsequence wing sections were added to new plates. Once all the wing sections had been loaded I save as to a new 3mf project called Model B Wing. I repeated this for the fuselage parts. etc.

More notes
some parts require changes to the number of bottom layers and I changed this in the object setting. There are a few parts that can't use spiral vase mode, All these slight changes are indicated on the drawing. Also some smaller parts can be loaded on to one plate but with LW-PLA its important to print by-object and not by layer (Print sequence settings)

Notes on printing the non-spiral parts, PLA parts and tires to be added.


  • LW-PLA Filament Settings - Google Sheets.pdf
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Build-ruary day 6 of 29

Just started to assemble this today as I have been working on other builds for the challenge.
  • Glued Fuse2, 3,4 and 5
  • Painted Fuse1as it was printed in regular white PLA
  • Glued fuse 1 to 2
  • added VTP
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Build-ruary challenge day 13 of 29

Was able to get some 6mm CF tubing from a friend so continued with building the wing.

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Build-ruary challenge day 29 of 29
I wont get any more of this build done this month but did get to complete at least one plane on my build-ruary list.

Now that one is completed I will continue with the Model B XL build and hopefully maiden it during March,