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Pumpkin drop event

4 channel

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    That plane you have, but never fly

    Well, over 8 months ago I scratch built the FT Bloody Baron. The reason I built this plane was to have a 4 channel that I could learn to use ailerons with. However, due to the size of the park I was flying in I had stepped towards minis and ended up flying a mini scout most of the time. I...
  2. A

    Heinkel HE 51 Foamboard Plans

    So a while ago I decided to try and make some plans for a swappable, and I went with the Heinkel HE 51. Why an HE 51? Idunno, seemed like a good idea at the time. This is the first finished version, feel free to download and build the plans. If you encounter a problem building or flying it...
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    Best Intermediate Plane EVER!

    Hey Guys, So... Im a LONG time RC nut... Im new to these forums, but i've been watching flitetest for awhile now. I have recently got into planes and am loving them.. for along time I just flew Heli's, and have switched over to just planes. My wife got me the Hobby Zone Firebird Stratos...