64 edf

  1. L Edge

    DARK STAR DOES MACH 11.2 (RC maiden flight)

    I dressed up Dark Star by putting on a pilot's window and stars on rudder and off I went to the soccer field. Field is about 450 x450 and extra 100 ft added in parking lot. Video shows takeoff(about 30`) and climbs over guard rail (trim is perfect) and climbs nicely hands off. Notice the...
  2. L Edge

    Going for design of F-117 64 mm EDF version

    After completing my SR-71 and A-10 Warthog, the last is the F-117 that I am going to try to do not only with a EDF 64, but enlarge it to handle a 70mm system if it has a good flight environment. Looking at a number of RC designs, I have decided to incorporate a mixture and scale it to what I...