64 mm edf

  1. L Edge

    EDF, Thrustvectoring, and Thrusters

    I like to design things that don't exist. This video opened a new window for me. First came learning to use and fly EDF's in the 64mm range. Then came 2d thrust vectoring nozzles that were popular and then I got into trying to improve a higher alpha for the plane. I did alot of testing using...
  2. Flitedesign 3d

    Plane Mirage 2000 64mm EDF Jet 1.0

    A collaboration between Captain Jay and myself. 3 sheets of foam that molds together to a fast jet. Flight video:
  3. L Edge

    SR-71 Takes Flight

    After looking at kilroy07 build thread that he was doing, it got me interested in doing my version of the SR-71. But what interested me was "what happens with inlet ducting and what is going to happen if a nose cone shaped like the SR-71 is added. My design was to scale it with flat foam and...
  4. L Edge

    DF-032 Panther 64mm EDF

    I very seldom buy any 64 EDF planes and World Models came out with this one for $49.99!! So I broke down and ordered it and all I had to do was mount the electronics and 64 mmEDF and it was set to go. This was its maiden flight. For a cheap 5 bladed edf, it launched real good, flys at a good...