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    Taranis Plus Telemetry Accelerometer Logging Scale - HELP

    I recently got the telemetry logging to work on my Taranis Plus and was excited to see how many Gs I was pulling on hard turns with my racing quadcopter. Unfortunately, the accelerometer data is not scaled properly, it is responding correctly to movements, but the resting z-axis force is...
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    Drain grid cover tri-copter & INFLIGHT_ACC_CALIBRATION question

    Hi there I'm very happy with this folding tri-copter I've made with a NAZE 32 Funfly board and a grid cover and some old uPVC electrical conduit. It's flying great but I have to manually adjust the roll and pitch angles in CleanFlight or add a lot of trim to counteract the fact that the...
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    Help! Working on a MAC computer with AP 2.015. Have the Pixhawk system with GPS and a Spektrum DX8 radio. Can't get the Accelerometers to calibrate to save my life. Fails every time. Must be something simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone make some suggestions. Thanks, Drew