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  1. HobCoil

    Quad in acro mode tries to correct itself

    Hi, first time poster here, but I have used a lot of forum post to build my first quad, it is up and running. After flying it in acro mode for a couple days, I started to attempt different tricks, but found the quad would fight me. I brought the quad to the workbench and found that when my...
  2. W


    I am building a 450mm quad with a + layout. This quad will be used for acro and FPV as I have smaller quads but would like something bigger to spot in the sky flying LOS. Im using a NAZE32 with spectrum reciever. As Im using this quad for acro It is very light and the frame is carbon fiber. I...
  3. R

    My emax skyline 32 doesnt seem to default to acro mode when none other is selected

    I've been flying a quad for about 6 months on and off, down the park on a free afternoon, I started in horizon mode line of sight till i could do some simple moving and had the feel for my quad. i then changed to what i thought was acro mode. and started getting the hang of that, line of sight...
  4. A

    pls check out my new video with my bolt 250

    pls like and sub video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzUsfs1EbZM quad specs trying out the new blackout motors from bolltrc 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr cam man Zarak Khan supplier bolt rc http://boltrc.com/ quad bolt 250 esc-little bee 20amp motors-blackout fc-naze32 props-hq5x4.5...
  5. S

    Inspired by Alex - Acrobatic Air 2 Air FPV with QAV250 and Bixler

    So I have been loving some of the moves Alex has been pulling off in his air to air footage! I had some fun yesterday pulling off similar moves with my QAV250 and a newbie FPV pilot on the Bixler. Got a couple flips and hesitation roll in there with the Bix in sight, we even pulled off a semi...