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  1. rossmoney

    Do I need some kind of adapter?

    Hey ya'll! Just bought a UMX timber and I'm having SO much fun with it! Just bought these batteries off amazon and found out pretty quickly that they're not the correct plug to plugin to my plane. I've done (what I feel like is) a ton of research to try and find a way to use these in my...
  2. C

    FMS T28 800mm

    Hey guys. I'm interested in getting this plane, anyone else got it? https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/fms-brand/plug-n-play/t-28-v2-red-pnp-800mm-fmm032pred If so, do you remember if the fms 20A esc came with an ec3 or a jst connector? I have 2200 mah 3s packs with xt60 and I want...
  3. B

    Banana Plugs question

    I'm building my first plane and bought two batteries; a larger one and a smaller one. The banana plugs on the BEC are 4mm. My larger battery is 4mm so no problem there. My smaller battery is 2mm so won't fit. Is there an adapter available somewhere that will allow me to use my smaller battery...
  4. J

    Returning to hobby after 35 year hiatus, connector questions

    My last R/C was a Sig Skybolt with Airtronics 4 channel and a K&B 61. Do not split-S from below 1-error altitude. I just got an XK A600 DHC-2. Have never dealt with all the tiny connectors, in fact never had to deal with LiPo batteries not inside another gadget. The charger with the plane has...
  5. T

    Shop around and save on adaptors

    Just wanted to share my experience being cheap. I just got the Accucel-6 for my birthday. In anticipation of getting either that or the ImaxB6 I made an adaptor out of what "I thought" was a compatible DC connector that would connect to one of the molex connectors on my PC but when I tried it...
  6. Hamdhan

    Which Setup? Ideas?

    Hi guys, I was a noob a few months ago, now I am...moving out of the noob zone, but a few months ago, I purchased a JXF 13x8 prop from HobbyKing, I thought it would just fit onto my EDF outrunner but it didnt, so, now is when I have decided to ask some questions: Which motor should I get? Which...