1. AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by AgentC (Build Skill: 2.48, Pilot SKill: 1.25) UnEZ Bronco - Better looking EZ Bronco under 50g for the 2-Channel EZ Pack Nano Scout - Planning on an experiment to use the Nano Flerken power pack to fly a mini [75% smaller than a] Mini Scout (3-channel) FT MM Corsair (PS...
  2. AgentC

    Bush Plane Challenge III - The Timber Scout

    Starting a thread for my build for the challenge. I started with a FT Commuter that I tried to adapt, but benched that for the time being and went with a new design I'm creating called the Timber Scout. As the name suggests, it's a mashup of the UMX Turbo Timber and the FT Mini Scout. The idea...