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  1. N

    Akk systems cameras

    I have been testing some akk aio cameras out and they are really good, price, weight, picture quality and build are all spot on. The akk bs2 is my particular favourite for my micro quads weighing 3.5g. But I tested the s2, the A3, ba3 and ba2 and all have similarly great results and look well...
  2. muteFPV

    RCTestBen.ch: VTX RF Power Testing (FPV AiO - micro VTX - VTX)

    Products tested (index): - AKK BS2 FPV AiO - Eachine HC48D FPV AiO - Eachine ATX03 micro VTX - Eachine VTX03 micro VTX - Eachine VTX01 micro VTX - EWRF e7086TM3 VTx - Runcam TX25 micro VTX -> subscribe to this thread for upcoming tests | comment below for VTXs you would like to see tested <-...
  3. N

    Micro FPV cam loses signal after seconds

    Hey everyone! I recently received a small AIO cam from Gearbest, so I could do some micro FPV with it, however when I plug it into power, I get signal for jut a couple seconds, until it just vanishes. I've uploaded a little video here to visualize the problem. I had another one of these cams...
  4. ftwingnut

    FT Full Size Plan Printing Service

    I am a fellow FliteTest builder/pilot, and have built many of the FT designs, so I am fully aware of the pain of printing tiled pages and taping them together to cut out the parts. I am also fully aware of the pain of trying to get an office supply store to print full size plans at the correct...
  5. V

    Flite Test Builds: Add FPV?

    Hi everyone ;) ! I am looking to build a small aircraft that has some acrobatic possibilities and can carry a small fpv system like the Eachine TX03 (weighs about 6 grams). Which ft planes would carry it fine? In particular, would the mighty mini sportster, the mighty mini dr1 and/or se5 carry...