Micro FPV cam loses signal after seconds

Hey everyone!

I recently received a small AIO cam from Gearbest, so I could do some micro FPV with it, however when I plug it into power, I get signal for jut a couple seconds, until it just vanishes. I've uploaded a little video here to visualize the problem.

I had another one of these cams (fx797t) that has almost the same issue - could it be something with my video receiver? But that would sound weird, because I have another FPV setup that works very well, without this issue.

I'm pretty stumped - what can I do?


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Double check the voltage rating on it, and measure the voltage it is getting from the battery when it is hooked up. I'm guessing you have alredy tried another fully charged battery or two?



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That to me seems like a bad capacitor in the unit. The timing seems too fast and too exact on the cut outs for it to be a heat issue but anything is possible. Does the channel led stay lit when it cuts out? Is there any heat build up in one spot? Does it smell funny like an old dusty radiator. Is there an audible squeal when you power it up? This will tell you if its a cap on the power supply side or one on the transmission side. It could be one of the chips but the signal is clear when it is on and they tend to be totally off or fade or degrade as heat builds up.
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Hey! Thanks for the reply!

I did extensive testing on both cameras, plus the camera on my new QX95 - and nothing seemed wrong.
After a couple hours of fiddlig around, I was about to pull out the AV output on the vrx, and noticed something...
Apparently my AV cable doesn't fit right, and the signal would short and make noisey video. Pulling it out slightly realligned the connections, so now I have strong signal.

Thanks for the help :)


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