1. M

    Help! Airfoil for a glider

    Hi, im building a 2,6 meter scale glider pretty heavy. The wings will be cut out off styrofoam and covered with fiberglass. Its my first time cutting wing, and trying to fly a rc plane. It should be a pretty thick airfoil because i have to fit a 10 mm carbon rod inside. and the cord is about 15...
  2. N

    Need help with airfoil dimension.

    I am currently designing a RC plane in SOLIDWORKS . Airfoil = s1223 Chord = 140mm wing span= 1 m I got coordinates of an airfoil from "" by putting chord length (140mm) only. But after importing the coordinates to Solidworks and making dimensions, I was surprised because...
  3. KarlBormanAZ

    Sharp bends over spar vs. wing ribs

    Has the question ever been asked about the reason for most if not all of the wing builds using foam board utilize the method of creasing and sharp angle bending the foam over the spar as opposed to the use of wing ribs? Other than the obvious answer of simplicity and ease of build, I am at a...
  4. dryhiker

    Does anyone have aerodynamic curves for the Tiny Trainer aileron wing airfoil?

    I am using my Tiny Trainer for a project and it would help if I have the lift vs AoA curve for the aileron wing. The most pressing need is for the stall AoA. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. A

    Variable airfoil wing.

    Challenge: 1. Try to make an aircraft with wings that you can change the airfoil of in flight. 2. See if you can remove the ailerons and instead change one wings airfoil at a time for roll. 3. See if you can essentially flip over the airfoil in flight and get lift while flying inverted. Extra...
  6. P

    Help with a Pitts s2 69 inches

    A friend asked to transform his plans form pdf to vector his send me a plnas bur it has no indications of sizes I now it will be a plane 69 inches wing span but could not find the chord size to fit the right size or the cuts for the others parts. Does anybody knows the size and model for...
  7. R

    What would be a good airfoil for a FPV flying wing

    Hi everyone. I am designing a flying wing. It is going to be 1m wingspan and I'm thinking that eventually I will add a small FPV system and use to teach myself FPV. I have designed it to be similar to the raptor 100 which I saw in this video I'm...
  8. Techno

    Foamboard Shrike

    Hello. I'm building a Shrike from out of an free-bee issue of Flying Models Magazine but out of foam. So far the scaling up from an Ultra-Micro setup has been great. However, I have one Question: <<<:confused:This is a speed plane, Should I build it with a full airfoil, or would a flat foil...
  9. E

    Video of stalled wing + unintentional crash

    Thought I'll make a video of the air flow over the top of the wing at stalled conditions. Was doing fine until it went into a death spiral on me ....