Help! Airfoil for a glider


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Hi, im building a 2,6 meter scale glider pretty heavy. The wings will be cut out off styrofoam and covered with fiberglass.
Its my first time cutting wing, and trying to fly a rc plane.
It should be a pretty thick airfoil because i have to fit a 10 mm carbon rod inside. and the cord is about 15 cm.
What airfoil is the best for a beginner and for a very heavy glider, and easy to cut.


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On a Clark Y the center of pressure does not move much so you can get away with smaller horizontal stabilizer and since they are flatbottom, easier to build on a table.... I'm a fan of the NACA/ nasa series under 10% and am not a fan of the modern seligs. (Control surface airfoils). That's just me. Since it is DTFB, use one of their airfoils downloaded from the plans sections, they have the structure and shapes you want for a first attempt


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Its my first time cutting wing, and trying to fly a rc plane.
If this is your first time to fly a plane, I'd recommend you start with the Tiny Trainer. Learn to fly first, then build your dream plane. Most people will destroy several planes in the process of learning to fly. The TT is quick and easy to build, easy to repair, it's a known design which will make it much easier for us to help you.
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