Need help with airfoil dimension.


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I am currently designing a RC plane in SOLIDWORKS .
Airfoil = s1223
Chord = 140mm
wing span= 1 m
I got coordinates of an airfoil from "" by putting chord length (140mm) only. But after importing the coordinates to Solidworks and making dimensions, I was surprised because the height of airfoil is only 20mm. Is that normal?
I am a little confused about the height of airfoil and how to find dimensions for ailerons?

Anyone please help, it's urgent.
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yip 21 could be right - my current wing is 1500mm and 15mm thick

Looking at the foil I imagine the true thickness of the foil is about 17mm over 140mm length - 12%of 140mm @20% mark is 16.8mm

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 10.02.51 PM.png
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