1. Spitfire Mk Vc

    Spitfire Mk Vc

    Spitfire on a low pass
  2. IMG_1933.jpg


    Mosquito and Spitfire Mk Vc in formation
  3. IMG_1561.jpg


    P-51D Mustang
  4. IMG_1461.jpg


    P-51D Mustang
  5. Fw 190 A-5

    Fw 190 A-5

    the only current flying Fw 190 A model still using the BMW Radial engine
  6. foamtest

    Flite Fest Veterans Airshow

    Flite Fest Ohio Veterans Airshow Why? The men and women in the armed forces of the United States give a lot, and some gave all, to defend this country and our freedom. Being part of an airshow at Flite Fest Ohio this year is the least we can do to honor all veterans who have served and those...
  7. Croom

    Local Airshow - Featuring the Red Bull Helicopter with 3D stunts!

    A montage of our local airshow

    Cocoa Beach Airshow!!!

    the cocoa beach air show is amazing. here is their website url it is November 5-6 this year and tickets are on sale!:eek: any responses? post below!