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  1. E

    Anyone Know How to Program "Android"? IE The tablet that makes up my TX???

    Ok so I have a Yuneec Typhoon H that comes with an ST-16 Transmitter (which all the transmitter consists of is a 7" Android Based tablet directly in the center of the 14" wide transmitter & everything transmitter wise runs directly through it so I.E. its all digital & although one would come to...
  2. S


    I just bought a NIHUI U807B wifi drone, I had a major problem linking it to my smartphone. It turns out that the "WIFIUFO" app is NOT compatible with Android 6.0. I found an old phone in my closet with Android 2.3 and it works just fine on that. I also have an Apple iPad 2, and it all works...
  3. P

    Spektrum Dxe Programming Connection Problems

    I have the spektrum dxe transmitter and I am attempting to program via SamsungGalaxy S7(android app). I have the cable for the audio port but I am not able connect/transfer the settings from the transmitter to the phone to get started. Has anyone had an luck with the android app and dxe...
  4. JasonEricAnderson

    Phone App for RC pilots: What would you want in it?

    What would you want in an app aimed at RC pilots? Of the listed features what is the most important to you as an RC pilot? What feature is missing from the list?
  5. J

    Free RC simulator

    I installed both Real Flight mobile and Absolute RC Plane sim on my android tablet and mirrored it to my large screen TV and it worked. I also purchased the quad model for $3.00 for Real Flight mobile and posted a Youtube video on what its like to fly the sim from the tablet. Not sure how...