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antenna polarization

  1. Ko_badg

    Loosing hope... Discontinued transmitter.. Unable to find replacement antenna (Dx6i)

    Hi everyone...first post but getting desperate.. I've been trying to find a new antenna for my Dx6i, as I don't fly much of anything anymore..and the other day when I went to go fly, I dropped the transmitter and it broke the antenna piece at the top. While it does still work..aesthetically it...
  2. R

    LHCP vs RHCP by looking?

    I have a 5.8Ghz circular polarized antenna that I need to replace, but I can not determine whether it is LHCP or RHCP. This sounds like a simple question, but I can not find the answer anywhere I have looked and the box it came in does not say. Looking at the one I have from the side, the...