Loosing hope... Discontinued transmitter.. Unable to find replacement antenna (Dx6i)


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Hi everyone...first post but getting desperate.. I've been trying to find a new antenna for my Dx6i, as I don't fly much of anything anymore..and the other day when I went to go fly, I dropped the transmitter and it broke the antenna piece at the top. While it does still work..aesthetically it kills me. I've bought 2 replacements online..only to have one not have the connector for the end and the other to be about 5-10mm to short...

I just started watching flitetest videos on YouTube and now I'm wanting to get back into flying...but can't put ridiculous amounts of money in... And the antenna being kaput... Puts me in that state...

Does anyone happen to have the antenna or a way for me to lengthen the cable on the short one? In either scenario, if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. I hope the flitetest forums can help me..


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I just went through the same thing with my DX8. I ended up 3D printing a mount for a screw on antenna, and in the process made my TX better and more durable. The stock antennas are cheap plastic and easily break. You will need to get a u.fl to RP-SMA pigtail cable and a screw on 2.4ghz antenna. I haven't searched thingiverse yet, but I bet someone already has an adapter out there for a DX6i.

EDIT: Did a quickie search, and here is a good way to fix it: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353257

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