apprentice s 15e

  1. OlliePackman

    Solved Apprentice S Reciever

    Just out of curiosity,what do the 2 switches do on my receiver in the Apprentice S?
  2. chris398mx

    Solved Alternate motor for Apprentice

    Does anyone know what motor would work for the apprentice that wont cost $70? My brother in law has one and is in search of a more economical replacement motor.
  3. M

    Plans for Apprentice S tail set

    I wrecked my apprentice hard (again) and after lots of chopsticks epoxy hot glue and tape I'm just about ready to get it in the air again. Except that I threw away the tail thinking that I had a template to make a new one from foam board which I've done a couple times. Last time I needed to put...
  4. N

    I need help choosing between buying one of two planes

    Hello! I started in this hobby a month or so ago. I initially bought the F949 Cessna 182 by WLToys, and I'e had a lot of fun with it. I think it is time to get a new, bigger aircraft. The problem is, though, that I don't know if I should choose the Apprentice S15e, or the Super Cub SAFE RTF...