Plans for Apprentice S tail set


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I wrecked my apprentice hard (again) and after lots of chopsticks epoxy hot glue and tape I'm just about ready to get it in the air again. Except that I threw away the tail thinking that I had a template to make a new one from foam board which I've done a couple times. Last time I needed to put a new tail on I must have been in a hurry and stupidly cut out the drawing without tracing a new one. I've searched all over the internet and can't find a good image and definitely not any real diagram or even proper dimensions. Can anyone who has an apprentice possibly take a picture with like a ruler next to it so I can sketch it out from that? I just need the tail piece/elevator not the vertical stabilizer. Or if there is an easier way that someone knows of to find a printable plan or even the dimensions and angles and all that good stuff (I have ZERO drafting knowledge) even better

PS is my terminology correct? vertical stabilizer and tail, or is the tail the whole set and the horizontal part with the elevator have a more specific name?

I know the part is not expensive but my lhs is not all that local and I want it NOW (I'm sure you all understand that feeling). Oh and I'm cheap

Thanks in advance and a BIG THANK YOU to Flite Test and everyone who participates I would never have gotten into this wonderful hobby if it weren't for you.


honestly if i where you i would just eyeball it. You know the general shape and size you should be ablt to create something that performs similarly


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Here is the best picture I have found. You would need to get a controlling dimension to scale it. The picture looks pretty straight on.

I have cut new vertical and horizontal stabilizers twice now. I just traced the broken bits onto some foam board and cut out. I found that putting bamboo skewers in to support the surfaces helps with all of the flexing and subsequent breaking. Look at the Storch tail.

Tonight I can snap some pics of the tail feathers and get some approximate dimensions for you.

I also agree with liamnave, you can really just "wing it" and play fast and loose with the dimensions. I always thought that the current design looked a little weird anyway.

I think the correct terminology is:

Vertical Stabilizer with Rudder
Horizontal Stabilizer with Elevator


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Apprentice S15e Tail Feathers Empennage Drawing

OK, so here is the best I could do. I hope it helps you out. I know, the drawing is a little bit crusty. I just traced it out and added what dimensions that I could.

Good luck...What's the worst that can happen? 20170523_194250.jpg 20170523_191056.jpg 20170523_194316.jpg 20170523_194333.jpg
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Although I have not tried this and cannot guarantee that it will work, Here is the first design iteration of the Apprentice S15e tail surfaces. Let me know how it works.


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I had to rebuild my elevator and wanted a 1 page template. I halved it and here it is for quick use.
It worked with letter size paper.
Thanks for the head start!


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