1. A

    request/challenge: Pilot pen airplane!

    Hello! I am Anas Yasser Malas, a 16 year old Jordanian living in UAE. My friend and I are building our first plane just to test it. And then proceeded into awesomeness. Thats just why we have started to watch your videos. And so far ive watched 60% of them(in 4 days!!). In one boring class I got...
  2. T

    An invitation to multirotor discourse!

    With so many choices to choose from, I was wondering what you guys look for personally when buying a multirotor. Do you prefer a kit or a ready-to-fly? Or just the frame or maybe a PNF? Perhaps you prefer to scratch build? Does it have to look good aesthetically? Or do you utilitarians not...
  3. colorex

    - Neckstrap of Awesomeness - Official Thread -

    - Neckstrap of Awesomeness - - Official Thread - This is the place to talk about the Turnigy "Neckstrap of Awesomeness"! You can get it here for less than a buck! Feel free to post any picture or video containing a neckstrap of awesomeness...