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request/challenge: Pilot pen airplane!

Hello! I am Anas Yasser Malas, a 16 year old Jordanian living in UAE. My friend and I are building our first plane just to test it. And then proceeded into awesomeness. Thats just why we have started to watch your videos. And so far ive watched 60% of them(in 4 days!!). In one boring class I got an idea, and would love to see you do it.

The idea is to take a clicky pen (not any! The PILOT G5, bonus points if mini) and make a fully working 4 channel plane! With the wing situated at the clip!!! I believe in you, and why not have it a challenge between Josh and any other guy from the incredibly talented team at flitetest! Do this flighttest, flitetest!!


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Welcome to the forum, Anas! Great to have you!

Wow... that's a challenging idea, but with some modifications to the pen, it could probably be done. Hardware? Maybe some linear servos (tiny and lightweight). You'd need some pretty good wing area, since at that scale the pen might actually be pretty heavy.

If you hung the motor and battery at the clip end of the pen, you might be able to get a good CG with the wing mounted in the clip.

Oh well... I'm at work at the moment, and have lots to do, but now I'll be thinking about your pen plane all day. :p

See you later,

You could use the mini version, also maybe it would help if the motor is at the back, and the ink cartridge is used and a conector between the motor and a propler at the very tip of the plane, I wish I can make such a plane but components arent easy to come by in UAE.