1. Mid7night

    Plane Baby Bugatti - 24" version 2 v2

    This is V2 of my Baby Bugatti, slightly larger with a 24" span, and a little easier to handle (and see in the sky). We all have our stagnant points... either those times when we're working on something and nothing seems to go right, or we want to try something new but inspiration and motivation...
  2. N

    New RC beginning. First foamie, first electric! Baby blender in color.

    Hello everyone. Flew a few RC gas trainers/combat gremlins and control line when I was a kid. Had not flown in 10 years. Went looking for balsa plans and ran into first the Arman wing then Flite Test. An airfoil without a foam cutter did it for me. Even with my learning disability (specifically...