New RC beginning. First foamie, first electric! Baby blender in color.


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Hello everyone.
Flew a few RC gas trainers/combat gremlins and control line when I was a kid. Had not flown in 10 years. Went looking for balsa plans and ran into first the Arman wing then Flite Test. An airfoil without a foam cutter did it for me. Even with my learning disability (specifically power train or servo throw instructions) the plane performed beautifully and landed several times in one piece. Build first then pics and comments. With out further ado,

Turnigy 2826/6 2200KV 11V 34A 342W
Hobbyking 40A
FlySky 8chan
FlySky TH-9X
Tower Pro 9g SG90 (cheap amazon 9 gram)
Rhino 3700 25C 3cell
Rhino 1550 40C? 4cell
Thin colored packing tape?
Tried 8x4 5x5 6x4 and 7x3.5 toy 3 blade

First flight modifications:
Wing extended to 30in (full width of dollar tree foam) to decrease wing loading due to extra power train.
Double spring landing gear. Uses 1 and 3 mm wire. The 1 mm is the landing gear. The 3 mm is zip tied to it with a slightly different shape. Lots of give but stiffens up quickly.
Metal tail skid
Small winglets (pictured without, did not like the look or the control)
Reinforced L/R elevator junction
Many bamboo reinforced foam edges
Plastic body pin and rubber band wing reinforcements
Iron tapered control surfaces

SAM_2997 (Large).JPG SAM_2998 (Large).JPG SAM_3003 (Large).JPG

Very stable flight in almost any angle of attack. Climbs with authority even with a 3700 under it. Comments said the motor could handle the 4C for a bit but I know I could loose an ESC or motor if I push to hard. Acrobatics and comments tomorrow.

The longer wings and bigger battery, less twitchy, more flight, and looks much better. Color scheme for easy orientation.

Does not like:
Winglets. Bad idea. Just extra drag, plane is stable enough with longer wings. Will cover holes tonight.
5x5 props. The nose on this thing is HUGE.
performance 4C batteries. Could not afford Z rated covering. Too fast, too much... sometimes ;)
3 bladed 7x3.5 toy prop. 2200kv is to fast and even balanced the prop will start to warble loud from tip bending at 70%+ thr with low airspeed. Sounds like its about to explode. Strong deterrent to dogs, cats, and the more intelligent than curious. I went the safety glasses and eventually band-aids route.
Hot glue does not stick well to carbon fiber or tape covering. It sticks very well to toes.

Skis. I live in northern Michigan. Stop complaining about your cold.
Flaperons. Additional aileron servo for strength and to try 5 channel flaperon/elevator mixing. I want to try and make it stop.
Complete cowling redesign with angled front cowling and rear windshield. Flite Test have made free foam amazing with real aerodynamics but I wish I could ask Bixler if there was any purpose to the non tapered nose and what looks like a big air scoop to a wall behind it. With the battery below it seems like too much drag.
Foam battery cover. The battery is so far forward for CG it would take a beating on any nose in.
Same wattage lower KV motor. My first electric and I think the motor I got is too fast limiting me on prop options.
Fabric or something else for hinges. I like the strong and easy moving hinges I remember from balsa. Possibly tapered balsa control surfaces. Ideas anyone?
Autopilot. I bought an APM 2.6 with GPS and it works, just have not put it in a plane yet.

The idea was to try electric and learn something until I built another gasser. With how fast you can change and build in foam along with the many options electric has me thinks I will keep trying this. Anyone have any ideas for this one or a second? Total electric noob.
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